Want to rent a car during your stay !!

Rent a self-service car 24/24.

From 5 € / h, 45 € / day from your phone, everything is included (insurance, fuel, telephone assistance)

Download the “RENAULT MOBILITY” application and launch the application.

You must create your account with your front / back ID, your front / back license, take a picture of yourself with your driver's license and register your bank card.

You will then receive an email to activate your account and confirm that your file is complete, finalize your registration.

In case of refusal with your identity document or permit, you will receive an email with the reason.

If everything is ok, you will receive an email validating your account with the explanations of how to use the car rental.

You then go to the "MOBILITY RENAULT" site to choose the vehicle and the pick-up location.  https://www.renault-mobility.com/



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